Social distancing is physically isolating. But you need not feel alone.  It’s important people feel connected in this shared challenging time.  Many people may feel lonely which affects one’s mood and general wellbeing.  Here’s some ideas how to stay connected with other beings.

  1. Connect to the universe: take a walk in the bush, visit a beach & get into the ocean, be in your garden, hang with a pet, watch the clouds or evening stars.  These are just a few ways to get a sense of the universe existing beyond your human form.  Remind yourself that you are a part of a collective of beings sharing this expansive environment and existing in a fleeting way but never really extinguished as a recycled bit of universal energy.
  2. Call someone.  Even if it’s a hotline.  But I’m sure everyone can think of a friend or family member that they could call and check in on.  You never know, maybe they’re feeling lonely and in need of connection also.
  3. Close your eyes, be still and notice all within and around you.  This is connecting with the present moment.  This connection is precious and rewarding as it guides you toward inner wisdom and inner peace, but it is also challenging requiring practice and repeated experience.  Once you have developed the skill to connect with the present moment you have the opportunity to be free of suffering and also tap into connection with any focus you attend to.  I love to connect to my breath but also the sensation of energy through my body.  In yoga this is referred to as prana.
  4. Journal and connect to yourself. Check in on yourself and do an internal inventory.  What are you values and priorities at the moment? Have they changed?  Are you living aligned with them?  What are your holistic health and wellbeing goals?  There’s always some way to observe yourself and tweak your choices.  This is a connection to yourself and who/how you choose to be.
  5. Jump online.  There’s a whole social world on the web.  There’s tinder, Bumble, meetups, support groups and chat rooms.  Its endless.  But be careful of false connections and try to find others that are honest and engaged authentically.
  6. Think of a random act of kindness for another person.  The other day I left gifts for my female neighbours whom I miss and think so highly of.  It left me feeling more connected to them as I imagined their delighted surprise.  It certainly connected us when I received their gorgeous messages of thanks and mutual love.