We help people to accept themselves as they are and also work towards improving things and making the most of themselves.

What is rehabilitation medicine?

The sub-specialty of rehabilitation medicine aims to improve the quality of people’s lives by:

  • maximising a person’s independence and function
  • reducing a person’s activity limitations
  • increasing a person’s community involvement
  • preventing the onset of disability and illness
  • limiting the impact disability has on a person’s life and the burden of care on their family and supports

Rehabilitation medicine is the art of optimising a person’s function regardless of injury or illness.  It is preventing morbidity, restoring and compensating for impairments and maximising a person’s meaningful life participation so that they can live to their full potential.

In rehabilitation medicine, we achieve these things through a supported, patient-centred, goal-directed and multi-disciplinary process.  We use many evidence-based and holistic modalities and interventions to restore and compensate for lost abilities.  We optimise what a person can do for themselves and also look at equipment and other resources that can assist them.

Rehabilitation physicians are expertly trained to consult and care for people with impaired function due to debility, deconditioning and chronic diseases or other complex health conditions including mental illness and behavioral challenges.  We see patients from adolescence and young adulthood through to the very elderly.  We help people to accept themselves as they are and also work towards improving things and making the most of themselves.  We help people to adjust to changes in their body and mind so that they may live optimally and with self-compassion.  We understand the challenges faced by people when diagnosed with a new illness or injury and when living with debility.

Rehabilitation physicians are specialists in holistic health assessments.  They assess and consider all aspects of a person’s health including medical and psychological, physical and functional and social and environmental factors as well as barriers and obstacles present and supports and resources available.  Rehabilitation physicians  provide patient-centred care and work collaboratively with people to identify what is of most important to their function and wellbeing.  Together the client and physician create an individualised goal-directed care plan.

Rehabilitation physicians are trained to prescribe therapeutic exercise, lifestyle and social interventions and assistive functional equipment to specifically meet a person’s needs.  They use multiple modalities and disciplines to support people to achieve their goals.  Rehabilitation Physicians are expertly trained to work in teams with multiple health professionals.  We integrate and coordinate this interdisciplinary care using case conferences and timely communication between a person’s referrer or general practitioner, community-based specialists and nominated health care team.  Rehabilitation physicians work collaboratively with general practitioners who are responsible for the primary medical care of a client, and other health professionals in the community setting.  The rehabilitation physician has a pivotal role to play in the communication of disability-related issues between the health system and the social care system through the provision of reports, certifications and assessments.

Comprehensive rehabilitation, lifestyle, and wellness consults

I am a Specialist Doctor trained in rehabilitation Medicine with a focus on holistic health, lifestyle and wellness.  I am expertly trained to assess someone’s whole health including their medical, physical, functional, psychological, social, environmental and spiritual health.  I am empathetic, supportive, open-minded and non-judgemental.  I aim to create a safe and therapeutic space where honest communication is shared and lifestyle rehabilitation goals are set to upgrade your wellbeing.  I work collaboratively with people and their nominated health care team to minimise illness, optimise function and maximise meaning & quality of life.   Together we create a personalised rehabilitation plan based off your unique needs, interests and issues.

My role is to support, motivate and educate people along their wellness journey.  I teach self-care skills, such as yoga and mindfulness and make evidence-based recommendations for therapies and lifestyle modifications that aim to upgrade a person’s sense of wellbeing.  I am likely to prescribe you exercise or social activities rather than medications.  I passionately believe anyone can feel well despite their circumstance, age and health status.  But that this requires knowledge and skills in self-awareness, self- acceptance and self-mastery.

Book in to see me for a comprehensive holistic health & wellness review.  With a medical referral you are eligible for a Medicare rebate.

Looking forward to meeting you!

Dr Susannah Ward

Physician Rehabilitation Medicine
Lifestyle rehabilitation, wellness, yoga, mindfulness
BMed Sci(hons) MBBS(hons) FAFRM(RACP) RYT200

What do I do?

As a specialist physician of rehabilitation medicine my care aims to improve client’s QOL by optimising function.  With a focus on lifestyle health and wellbeing my reviews involve a comprehensive and holistic of all the determinants of a person’s function, health and wellbeing including behaviours and psychological health.

I help people to identify what is most important to them & set goals.  I provide expert opinion, insights & multi-disciplinary recommendations that are evidence based.  I provide patient centrered, and work collaboratively with people, their referrer and other members of their community health care team.

What type of clients do I see?

I am a physician of adult medicine and see anyone looking to optimise their health, wellbeing and function.  People can come and see me for support to improve their physical, social, behavioural and psychological functioning.  I see people with existing chronic disease and disability that need a rehabilitation check up of older impairments.   But I also see those adjusting to new disability and disease, who may not have had any contact with a rehabilitation doctor as well as those

without disease or disability looking to prevent its onset and cultivate their sense of wellness and self-mastery. Whether you are someone who suffered a stroke years ago getting older and noticing new issues arise, recently had a mild brain injury and not linked into a rehab service but are noticing changes you need help with or a person who simply does not feel well and acknowledges there are changes to their lifestyle they need to make to improve their wellbeing I can support you.

How can I help you?

Together we will aim to prevent illness and optiomise existing health issues.  I will offer a non-judgemental, understanding, supportive and safe space for to openly address your health and lifestyle concerns. I will empower you with wellness knowledge and skills to develop your self-awareness, self-acceptance, self-care and self-mastery.  We will take goal directed action to maximise your gains specifically tailored to support your plans and unique needs.

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