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I am a physician of rehabilitation medicine with a special interest in all things wellness. I speak on human mastery and teach skills like mindfulness and yoga.  I have also been involved in wellbeing research.

– Dr Susannah Ward

  • Physician of rehabilitation medicine, Fellow Australasian Faculty of Rehabilitation Medicine (RACP), Royal Australasian College of Physicians (RACP).

  • Basmajian Prize Winner 2016, clinical rehabilitation fellowship exams.

  • Bachelor of Medical Science with honours, The University of Sydney.

  • Bachelor of Medicine and bachelor of surgery with honours, The University of Sydney.

  • Certified accredited yoga teacher (200 hours), Yoga Alliance International.

  • Mindfulness practitioner, experienced in Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction Therapy.

  • Experienced in Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, Schema Therapy, Dialectic Behavioural Therapy and Acceptance Commitment Therapy.

  • Self-proclaimed wellness lover & enthusiast!


Hi there,

I am a doctor trained in rehabilitation medicine. I am passionate about self-care & human mastery as a means to optimal health & wellbeing.  I am dedicated to providing patient centred and holistic health care that supports people to foster their own sense of wellness and live lives worth living.

In addition to fulfilling my various professional roles, I speak on & teach wellness related topics, such as mindfulness and yoga.  I have also been involved in wellbeing research.

Downtime for me consists of listening to the waves, chilling in nature, creating healthy recipes, reading neuroscience or psychology books, beach runs with my dog, dancing with my 2 year old to house music and practicing yoga.

I have struggled for years with anxiety and mental illness, but I wouldn’t have it any other way.  It has served as the best platform for self-awareness and self-mastery.  My challenges in a way forced me to learn about my human condition and how to manage myself.  I have subsequently acquired wonderful knowledge, skills & insights.  I really like who I am and rate myself as very well indeed.

By sharing my wellness story I hope to promote a societal culture that de-stigmatises ill health as shameful and/or incompatible with success and wellness. I also hope to serve as an advocate for human mastery as a means to holistic health and wellness.

Living with and experiencing ill health and adversity does not make anyone invalid; rather it can be richly rewarding and add meaning and value to living.  Health issues need not be a barrier to wellness and indeed may be a strong facilitator of human mastery and self-care.  My suffering has enabled me to experience firsthand being truly unwell and the subsequent journey to wellness.  I now know personally the powerful benefits of holistic health interventions, like self-enquiry, yoga and mindfulness.  Through experimentation with and consistent practice of such skills, I learnt my way to wellness and I am proud say I live a successful and happy life, on my terms and in a way where I am able to meet my needs, embody my values and contribute to the service of others.

The knowledge I have learnt from my training as a scientist and doctor combined with this personal experience has provided me with a lived understanding of how and why wellness tools work, contribute to wellbeing & serve as perfect health adjuncts to other medical interventions.  I hope to raise awareness of this knowledge and support others to a life of wellness by sharing what I know and continue to learn.

I hope to meet and collaborate with you someday.

Take care,

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