1. Take sufficient and good sleep.  Aim 7-8 or more!  Cut out alcohol and really watch the quality improve.
  2. Keep a structures morning routine and soothing evening ritual.  I recommend waking with sunrise, coffee, writing, movement, breakfast and followed by make an achievable list of tasks for the day.  In the evening I do yin yoga on my bedroom floor and finish the last moments of wakefulness meditating and drinking a herbal tea.
  3. Eat nutritiously only what you need and mainly plants.  Eat when you are hungry and stop when you aren’t.  Notice what foods make you feel good after consuming them and eat those. I usually stop eating first thing unless I’m hungry.  Meals that energise me and restore are things like protein smoothies, balanced salads, dhal and veggies, quality soups, lean protein and good fats with veggies as my fibre.
  4. Be in nature.  Or hear nature.  Or even watch it.  Either way immerse yourself in the natural world it breeds spirituality, mindfulness and acceptance.
  5. Do stuff in a way that you are proud of.  Think random acts of kindness but also doing anything in a way where you are embodying your values.  You can have any job and complete it but you may not be doing so in a way true to who you want to be.  I always feel well when I’m honest, giving, kind, reflective and thoughtful.  Easier said than done!